A draft of an oil painting


We produced the following opinion on a unique draft of oil painting by T'ang Haywen from Lorand Gaspar Collection that appear in the sale of Paris auction house Muizon-Rieunier on 23rd October 2017.

Left: Painting draft, 1972-1975, oil on canvas, 146x114cm

This painting will be listed by the T'ang Haywen Archives as a draft and will not be the subject of a certificate or number in the catalogue raisonné of the oeuvre. Nevertheless, this draft is indeed by the hand of T'ang Haywen.

"Lorand Gaspar, medical surgeon and poet and his wife Jacqueline Gutmann were friends of T'ang Haywen. Thus during T'ang's lifetime in 1989, Patmos, the first collection of poems by Lorand Gaspar, illustrated by T'ang, was published by PAP in Lausanne, Switzerland. Then in 1992, in tribute to T'ang La Maison Près de la Mer and in 1996 Amandiers.

In 1992, Lorand Gaspar went to the auction of the belongings of T'ang Haywen ordered by the Domains (the French State). Like other friends of T'ang, he was shocked by what Raymond Audy called a public execution-sale, in which the paintings of T'ang were auctioned off in an indescribable disorder. The protests of the friends were such that Mr. Yves-Marie Leroux had to stop the sale to reprogram another one.

In 1995, when I made the acquaintance of Lorand and Jacqueline, they told me, like other friends before, what happened during the sale, Lorand mentioned the acquisition of this painting and also mentioned having acquired works on paper. I pointed out to him that this painting was incomplete. His only comment was "I know but I find it pretty". We remained in contact, and in 1998, I received from Lorand and Jacqueline the photographic prints of other works on paper that they had acquired from T'ang, or received from T’ang as gifts or acquired at the 1992-93 auctions. We never thought necessary to record this oil photographically because of its unfinished nature." - Philippe Koutouzis

Autograph of Lorand Gaspard on the flyleaf of La Maison Près de la Mer
Published in 1992 by editions PAP, Lausanne, Switzerland.