Application of Carbon-14 dating method

Following the request for authentication by several buyers of paintings presented to them as authentic works of T'ang Haywen, and because a number of these paintings presented serious flaws, T'ang Haywen Archives has decided, in a first step, to proceed with the Carbon-14 dating for a total 20 paintings in order to prove the date of execution scientifically.

The task of dating the works was entrusted to the Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, also known as ETH University.

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Opinion on a rare painting

This painting, like many works by T'ang Haywen is a landscape - a central theme of Chinese painting – but it marks a decisive passage in T'ang's oeuvre, from the representation of reality to an evocation of nature, moving.

T'ang does not intend to imitate the Song masters or revive the great Chinese painting. He devotes himself to the representation of his feelings, as strong as they are secret for this Daoist in the West. The mountains are there, inevitable, and mark the immensity of the scene: a red twilight where the instant meets eternity. The title is still; poetic indication of the moment: So quietly I sit alone – And wait for evenfall

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Opinion on Painting draft

A unique draft of oil painting by T'ang Haywen from Lorand Gaspar Collection will appear in the coming sale of Muizon-Rieunier auction house in Paris, France. Click to read news.

Here we share our opinion on this painting draft, based on the comparison and observation of 4 other signed paintings that produced during the same period of time. Read more

Dealer's Stamps on the works of T'ang Haywen

"At first glance this stamp could seem to be a “provenance” but it is in fact misleading because the actual operation of stamping the works was not organized in a legal frame. We have no information concerning, for example, a statement written by a notary or a bailiff who would have listed and stamped the works, then written a deed documented with photographs. This notary or bailiff would have normally destroyed the stamp after applying it on the works and mention this fact in his statement. It does not mean that the three dealers are still nowadays applying the stamp. It means that nothing can be checked." Read more

Congress of Authentication in Art in The Hague, The Netherlands - 2016 June

Authentication in Art (AiA) comprises a group of international art world professionals who have come together to create a forum that can act to catalyse and promote best practices in the authentication of paintings.

Mr. Philippe Koutouzis, Chairman of T'ang Haywen Archives and expert on the works of T'ang Haywen participated in the 2016 AiA Congress in The Hague, and presented his study on the signatures of T'ang Haywen.

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