Time is a falcon that dives

Featured in the mémoirs of Marc Alyn: Le temps est un faucon qui plonge (Time is a falcon that dives), Chapter “Venise la Chinoise et les lagunes imaginaires de T’ang Haywen” (Chinese Venice and the fantastical lagoons of T’ang Haywen).

I wrote on the invitation card a “Portrait of T'ang”, a first homage of a contemporary poet to the painter destined to become one of the three great Chinese creators of modernity along with Chang Dai Chien and Zao Wou-Ki: “On the flower corollas born from his hand, bees come to rest”.” - Marc Alyn

The reproduction of a large extract from the book:
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Publisher: Les éditions Pierre Guillaume de Roux

Printed in March 2018

ISBN 2-36371-238-7

Format: 140 x 225cm

Language: French