Exhibition catalogue

"The water, ink and watercolour he spreads on paper are tamed to offer a space belonging to each spectator. T'ang obliterates himself; he gives us not something to see, but rather something to reflect upon, a way to look into ourselves and remember through the transparent mirror of his painting." - Philippe Koutouzis

"Painter of the instant, he is one of the great mystics he opens on paper a new path on which, transparent, invisible, he may not be seen. However, he was no longer satisfied with embracing reality in order to transcribe it. He constructed a very personal metaphorical realm. This process, surging from the depths of his being, was embodied in poetic transpositions worthy of the greatest creators of the 20th century." - INK AND ITS METAMORPHOSIS, Jean-Paul Desroches

Exhibition: Yishu 8, Beijing, 21 May to 25 June 2011

Publisher: Yishu 8, Beijing, China

Language: Chinese, English and French