Exhibition Catalogues
Auction Catalogues
  • T'ANG by Eros Belinelli, Pantarei Edition, 1974
  • Paths of Ink by Jean-François Jarrige, Jean-Paul Desroches & Philippe Koutouzis, Editions de la Pointe, 2002
  • PORTRAIT DE T’ANG, Galerie St Ferdinand Pimlico, Paris, France. Text by Marc Alyn & Alfred Simon, 1960
  • T’ang, Galleria Rialto, Venice, Italy. Text by Julien Alvard, 1968
  • CHINA - PARIS, Seven Chinese Painters Who Studied in France, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan, 1988
  • A Chinese Portrait, Yonfan Manshih, Hong Kong, 1991
  • T’ang Haywen, Paths of Ink, Newspaper of Guimet Museum, 2002
  • INTOXICATION by Yonfan, chapter Paris wanderer, 2012
  • INCANTATION by Yonfan, chapter Paris wanderer, 2013
  • A MODERN CHINESE PAINTER, FEAST Projects, Hong Kong, 2013
  • Time is a falcon that dives by Marc Alyn, chapter Chinese Venice and the fantastical lagoons of T’ang Haywen, Éditions Pierre Guillaume de Roux, 2018
Illustrations by T’ang