T’ang Haywen Archives co-authors an article published by Cambridge University Press

Following a number of Radiocarbon Dating studies that were commissioned by T'ang Haywen Archives at ETH Zurich,
Dr. Irka Hajdas at the Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics has found the specific case of the T'ang Haywen forgeries to be particularly demonstrative.

Indeed the association of scientific means and academic knowledge is perfectly realized here to discern the true from the false. Dr. Hajdas asked us to participate in this publication. We have made our modest contribution in order to allow T'ang Haywen's work to be exhibited, admired and collected for its true beauty and its place in the history of modern and contemporary art.

Here below is the excerpt of the publication BOMB 14C ON PAPER AND DETECTION OF THE FORGED PAINTINGS OF T'ANG HAYWEN

“In this paper, we present an example of a study that was designed to detect forgeries of paintings made on cotton paper and attributed to Chinese painter T’ang Haywen.

Our study focuses on material that has been surfacing on the art market with claims that T’ang Haywen created it. Suspicion regarding these artworks’ authenticity was raised following incoherencies in the aesthetic appearance, style of the painting, pigments used, or the signatures, which are subjective opinions. Radiocarbon analysis, on the contrary, is unbiased by personal judgement and offers indisputable evidence regarding their attribution to T’ang Haywen. The development of T’ang Haywen’s use of painting material and specifically of the support is of major significance for the identification of counterfeits by 14C dating.”

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