T'ang l'Obscur, Mémorial de l'Encre by Marc Alyn

T'ang l'Obscur, Mémorial de l'Encre by Marc Alyn has just been published by Editions Voix d'Encre. This is a collection of poems, written in French, dedicated to T'ang and illustrated with 28 of his works.

"T'ang Haywen (1927-1991), calligrapher of the invisible of Chinese origin, having lived in Paris since 1948, tirelessly recreated the world with a delicate and powerful brush. He was a prince in exile travelling incognito and possessing only his phoenix eye to build a universe of ink and wonders. Thus he developed dazzling cosmogonies in his modest studio in Montparnasse. It was there that I visited him, on the threshold of the sixties, happy to watch him paint with his sleepwalking cat faces. Our friendship lasted until his death at the age of 64. "Death", he confided to me with an enigmatic smile, "does not end our dreams". Indeed, since his death, his work, increasingly visible throughout the world, has gradually made him one of the leading artists of modernity alongside Zao Wou-Ki and Chang Dai-Chien." - Marc Alyn

One of the major writers of his generation, Marc Alyn pays a moving tribute to his late friend through this long dazzling poem woven from prose, a new Book of the Dead. In his Memoirs, which have just appeared under the title Le Temps est un faucon qui plonge (Editions Pierre-Guillaume de Roux, Paris, 2018), he devotes luminous pages to the Chinese painter of whom Balthus said: “I think of T'ang when I see mountains disappearing in the mist.

T'ang l'Obscur, Mémorial de l'Encre (ISBN 978-2-35128-158-1) is available for sale from Editions Voix d'Encre.