Chinese Venise - autobiography of Marc Alyn

Marc Alyn, a great French poet and a friend of T'ang Haywen since 1960, has just published his memoirs: Le temps est un faucon qui plonge (Time is a falcon that dives) where he devotes an entire chapter to T'ang Haywen – Venise la Chinoise et les lagunes imaginaires de T’ang Haywen” (Chinese Venice and the fantastical lagoons of T’ang Haywen).

Alyn states that, together with Chang Dai Chien and Zao Wou-Ki, T'ang Haywen is one of the three great Chinese creators of modernity.

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Interview by Art Asia Pacific magazine on 21 June 2018

On his dedication to protecting T’ang’s legacy, Philippe Koutouzi remarked: “After seeing some of T’ang’s paintings and learning the details of his life, I understood that he was a painter like no other. [He was] detached, sincere and generous; light yet powerful; eminently recognizable, with his great diptychs, but little concerned with his fame; an inventor and pioneer of certain contemporary modes of expression. The long and difficult legal journey has now become an element of his biography, demonstrating that even in the eyes of the most wicked people, T’ang is an important artist who cannot be ignored.” - Interview by Art Asia Pacific magazine

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ARTFORUM news on 12 June 2018

Vincent Noce of the Art Newspaper reports that the French art dealer Philippe Koutouzi has been given ownership of the copyright to artworks by the late Chinese artist T’ang Haywen. Paris’s High Court announced the judgment at the end of February 2018.

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