Pink Abstract Landscape Painting in Ader Paris

A pink abstract landscape painting will appear in Ader Auction in Paris in the coming sale on 6th December 2017.

This painting, like many works by T'ang Haywen is a landscape - a central theme of Chinese painting - but it marks a decisive passage in T'ang's oeuvre, from the representation of reality to an evocation of nature, moving.

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Pichon & Noudel-Deniau present T'ang Haywen in Cannes

In 1988, the Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei presented CHINA-PARIS, the first museum exhibition of modern Chinese painters who had traveled to France. Ten years after PARIS-BERLIN at the Centre Georges Pompidou, CHINA-PARIS adopted the same format but was essentially the first claim for the return of these artists by their Chinese brothers. Thirty years later, we know what happened in the history of art and the history of the market.

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Establishment of T'ang Haywen Archives

Founded in 2015, T’ang Haywen Archives (曾海文檔案庫) is dedicated to the study of the oeuvre of T’ang Haywen for academic and cultural purposes. It is a non-profit Hong Kong Society registered in accordance with the provisions of section 5A(1) of the Societies Ordinance under the Laws of Hong Kong. The Archives is officially registered since 21st June 2017.

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