Establishment of T'ang Haywen Archives

Founded in 2015, T’ang Haywen Archives (曾海文檔案庫) is dedicated to the study of the oeuvre of T’ang Haywen for academic and cultural purposes. It is a non-profit Hong Kong Society registered in accordance with the provisions of section 5A(1) of the Societies Ordinance under the Laws of Hong Kong. The Archives is officially registered since 21st June 2017.

Mr. Philippe Koutouzi, Chairman of T’ang Haywen Archives, is an art expert, and copyrights owner of the works of T’ang Haywen. He is a member of ADAGP in France since 1997, and of the Artists Rights Society in the United States.

Ms. Kate Tai is the Vice Chairman of T’ang Haywen Archives.

Objectives of T’ang Haywen Archives

  • To assemble the most comprehensive documentation about the modern painter T’ang Haywen (1927-1991), his life and oeuvre.
  • To participate in the preparation of the catalogue raisonné of his oeuvre.
  • To promote the work of T’ang Haywen by participating in exhibition projects, publications and all other means emphasizing the unique contribution of T’ang Haywen to Chinese Modern Art.
  • To protect the oeuvre of T’ang Haywen by all available legal means. This includes fighting against forgeries of the signature of T’ang Haywen; against forgeries of his work; against any actions undermining the integrity and reputation of the artist’s oeuvre.