Enrico Navarra, the dealer of countless lawsuits, just died

Extract of the article published by ARTnews

"In recent years, Navarra was involved in several high-profile legal disputes. A longstanding battle between Navarra and dealer Philippe Koutouzi ended in 2018 when Paris’s High Court granted Koutouzi ownership of the copyright to works by artist T’ang Haywen."

Moreover, in October 2019 and following the decision of 2018, Enrico Navarra was convicted and sentenced by the Court of Paris for slanderous denunciation against Philippe Koutouzi, a very rare decision in so far as to obtain it, it must be proved that the denouncer knew that he was slandering at the time of his denunciation.

Despite all that Enrico Navarra has undertaken against us and our associates in a totally unjustified manner: the lawsuits in France, Switzerland and the United States, the defamatory articles obtained through cronyism and finally the help he gave to the forgers of T'ang Haywen's work in order to harm us, we offer our condolences to his family.

(This page is updated on 1 June 2021)