An important exhibition in Guimet Museum Paris

Following a major donation, the Guimet Museum is organizing an exhibition of works by T'ang Haywen from 6 March to 17 June, 2024.

In 2021, the Direction Nationale d'Intervention Domaniale (DNID) called on Philippe Koutouzis to authenticate a group of works, drawings and archives. Following a lengthy inventory and expertise process, T'ang Haywen Archives and Valérie Zaleski, curator at the Guimet Museum, selected 202 works and over 400 drawings and archive items for inclusion in the Guimet Museum collection.

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T'ang Haywen slowly emerges from purgatory

"The successful dispersal of part of the studio of the Franco-Chinese artist who died thirty years ago marks a first step in his rediscovery.

On 5 April, Artcurial offered for sale 50 works on paper by T’ang Haywen (1927-1991). They were all sold, well above their estimates (very low, however, averaging 2,000 euros each), for a total of 215,000 euros including fees. This is not yet the irrational exuberance of the market, but it is an encouraging start for a work whose market has long been disrupted by a succession of misadventures." - JEAN-CHRISTOPHE CASTELAIN

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The little-known T'ang Haywen, a great modern Chinese artist living in Paris

Judith Benhamou, a highly respected French art market observer, has written, for the weekend magazine of Les Echos, first daily French financial newspaper, an article on the auction of 50 T'ang paintings from the French state collection. She is notably the author of: Art business: the art market or the art of the market and Artists have always loved money.

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