Special thanks to the following parties and organizations:

  • Dr. Pearl Tam / image of Thomas Tam
  • Ms. Boryana Varbanov / image of Madame Song
  • Mr. Yonfan / image of T’ang Haywen and Yonfan portrait
  • Mr. Fabrice Audy / image of Raymond Audy
  • Mr. Kanta Desroches / image of Jean-Paul Desroches
  • Mr. Lorand Gaspar / image of Lorand Gaspar
  • Mr. Marc Alyn / image of Marc Alyn
  • University of Houston / image of Dominique de Menil

© Thomas Tam / images of Furen Boogie, 1974
© George Hurrell / image of Pandit Ram Gopal
© Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux / image of Andre Dzierzynski
© Damian Pettigrew / image of Balthus taken in 1996 at his home in Switzerland during the film shoot of Balthus Through the Looking Glass
© Jeth Warp / image of The Huzoor Palace at Marine Drive of Porbandar city built by last Jethwa ruler of State, Maharana Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji in early 20th century
© François Bouchon & Le Figaro / image of Marc Alyn, 2018
© A.D.A.G.P., Paris & Artists Rights Society, New York / all artwork images of T’ang Haywen

Chinese translation by Pak Li
English translation by Brendan Payne

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