The Catalogue Raisonné of an artist is a comprehensive catalogue of all the artworks produced by an artist. It is the ultimate reference allowing scholars, museums and collectors to study art works, determine the provenance, prevent misattributions, and weed out fakes off the market.

T’ang Haywen Archives is presently compiling the catalogue raisonné of the oeuvre of T’ang Haywen. Each work will be described with its provenance, history of ownership, exhibition and literature, when available.

If you own a painting attributed to T’ang Haywen and want to have it included in the catalogue raisonné of T’ang Haywen and eventually obtain a printed Certificate of Authenticity you are invited to complete an application form and return it to us.

If you do not want a printed certificate you should anyway follow the procedure described below.
Please click on Certificate of Authenticity for application procedures.

All persons holding documents, articles, photographs, letters, invitations or any other materials related to T’ang Haywen are invited to contact us at or click on Contact.

We collect archives on T’ang Haywen.

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