Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is made to demonstrate that the work of art described by this certificate is authentic. The Certificate of Authenticity of a work of T'ang Haywen is issued by T’ang Haywen Archives and is signed and stamped by Mr. Philippe Koutouzis.

If you own a work of T’ang Haywen, and would like to obtain a printed certificate, or seek our advice on the authentication of the artwork, please click on the links below and follow the instructions carefully;

Step 1 - You will need to Open a File for your artwork - Click here to download the APPLICATION FORM for File Opening.

Step 2 - If we decide a Certificate will be issued, you may fill in the APPLICATION FORM for a Certificate of Authenticity.

Please send us the full information requested in the form(s) and the proof of payment.

The applicant is required to certify the accuracy of the information provided, and to state that he / she is the legal owner, holder or custodian of the work, object of the application. The applicant is also required to send us a copy of his identity, i.e., ID card or passport.

All information provided will remain strictly confidential.

(Last updated on 12 March 2024)