T’ang Boogie

The images flash by in a succession of short bursts like ink jets on paper. The white paper shots resemble sparks of light. The artworks are shown as single size, still frames, 48 images flash by within two seconds, forwards and backwards. The eyes get used to it, the brain memorizes and recognizes the images.

The animated ink of T’ang Boogie, translates into reality the random paths of ink that echo life itself. This metaphor frees T’ang from the affectation of virtuosity and preciousness. He contributes to a process that is using his work as raw material. There, in accordance with the artistic ideal of Daoism he finds a very contemporary resonance.

In the same way, T’ang Boogie illustrates the nature of his 1970’s production. Some paintings, dominated by blank areas crossed by a few lines, alternate with other works where the space of the diptych is almost entirely inked, only revealing bright dots of blankness.

T'ang Boogie is a collaboration between T'ang Haywen and Tom Tam.